Just to let you know, the brand-new Minnah Karlsson Idol Fansite is now live!

The “old” blog – that’s the one you’re in right now – has worked well, but now it’s time to step everything up to a higher gear and put a far better site in place – which is exactly what we’ve done. A lot of new features are also planned for the site – so go check it out right now ok? :mrgreen:

Minnah’s Unofficial #1 fansite!

100% Unofficial… 100% Minnah!

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Meet Minnah!

Here’s your chance to meet Minnah in person and get your new Minnah debut album CD signed!

CD-signing schedule as follows:

Saturday – 18/12 Huddinge 13:00
Sunday – 19/12 Uddevalla Torp 12:00
Monday – 20/12 Hallstavik 17:30
Tuesday – 21/12 Växjö MediaMarkt 17:00
Tuesday – 21/12 Kristianstad City 20:00
Wednesday – 22/12 Nyköping Nykeln 16:00 & Södertälje Kringlan 18:30
Sunday – 2 / 1 Sundsvall, Birsta City 15:00

More signing dates to follow. All dates & cities are subject to change. Click the link below to pre-order your CD if you haven’t already…

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12 minutes of TOTAL Minnah Awesome-ness!

Here’s 12 minutes of TOTAL Minnah Awesome-ness in one video… “Minnah Karlsson’s Idolresa 2010” — featuring highlights from all Minnah’s amazing Idol 2010 performances – from the auditions right through to the Grand Final! If anyone needs reminding of how totally amazing Minnah Karlsson really is, just send them a link to this page! :mrgreen: Thanks to Fredrik Jung for putting the video together. Enjoy…

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Minnah – Debut album out December 19th!

Minnah’s debut album (“Minnah Karlsson“) is set for release by Sony Music (Columbia) on December 19th… featuring 11 tracks from the Idol 2010 series. Minnah signed to Sony prior to the after-Final party at Café Opera on Friday evening.

“It’s so much fun, I couldn’t be any happier! This is a perfect way to end the “Idol” journey. It feels like a fairy tale.” Minnah said in a statement. More news to follow soon…

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Grattis Minnah!

First of all congrats & GRATTIS to Minnah for a fabulous Idol Final performance. Kudos to Jay too. There are no losers in an Idol Final, and last night was no exception.

Looking back on it though, it looks like everyone – including all the Minnah (& Jay) fans – had already decided who they were voting for before the Final… because based on performances on the night, I’d say Minnah won by a distance. Most of the online polls (taken in the run up to the results show) stated that too. Jay’s 1st song was very unforgettable (I already forgot it, lol)… the 2nd song was good, as expected… and his 3rd was just about ok too.

On the other hand… Minnah’s 1st song – What are you waiting for – was definitely right up there as one of her best live performances of the series. Energetic, animated & action packed from start to finish. I said before the final it was a tricky one to sing, but Minnah pulled it off fantastically well. Gwen Stefani would have been proud of her!

Twist & Shout went down well too… just as good as the 1st time around back in October… and the winning Idol song – Dreaming People – well, not bad as far as Idol songs go… although having heard both versions, it definitely sounds like it was written with Minnah in mind, as she nailed it perfectly.

In the bigger scheme of things, Series 7 may well go down as the best Idol series to date, since it started back in 2004. The 2011 Series is pencilled in to be the last by the way – but we shall see. Congrats also to the live Idol band… the backing singers… the floor manager guy… camera crew… the jury… Peter Jihde who did an excellent host job from start to finish… all the other contestants… and everyone else behind the scenes & involved in the show. Major kudos all round!

So another exciting Idol Series comes to an end… and hopefully it won’t be long before the girl-powered Minnah Machine swings into action. She was definitely the star of this Series – especially after being voted off after the 2nd week and still coming back to blaze a trail to the Final (with a string of totally amazing performances to boot)… and she’s definitely gonna be a major megastar in 2011.

Remember… although nobody’s ever counted them, there are probably thousands of Minnah’s trotting around out there… but there’s only ONE Minnah Karlsson… and she’s totally f***ing awesome! :mrgreen:

Rest assured as soon as anything happens with our favorite Hallstavikian, you’ll hear it here first, ok!

Keep the faith…


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So after 3 months of weekly shows, Final day has arrived at last… and despite all the lies & bullshit in Aftonbladet yesterday, it promises to be a very close run contest with Jay ever so fractionally ahead as you can see from the latest Expressen poll below :mrgreen:

But it’not all cut & dried, because as we all know from this season, the voting has sometimes been very erractic and unpredictable… I mean, how else could Andreas Weise have sailed through 6 shows in a row? :mrgreen:

Remember the last Karlsson v Carlsson Idol Final back in 2005 too? That’s the one where everyone expected Sebastian Karlsson to win by a landslide, but in the end and despite nobody giving her the slightest chance, Agnes Carlsson pipped him to the post and was crowned the winner? – and the first female to win the competition for the difference it makes. I think she was more surpised than he was at the result, lol… but it just goes to show it ain’t over till it’s over folks.

Here’s tonight’s song choices in case you’ve not seen them yet:

Minnah: “What are you waiting for” – (Gwen Stefani)
Telefonnummer: 099-414 02
Sms: text MINNAH to 72 400

Minnah: “Twist and shout” – (The Beatles)
Telefonnummer: 099-414 02
Sms: text MINNAH to 72 400

Jay: “Higher” – Creed
Jay: “Like a prayer” – Madonna

Followed by the specially written winning Idol song – “Dreaming people”.

Minnah’s “Twist and shout” stole the show back in October, and hopefully she can produce a repeat performance tonight.

The opening song, Gwen Stefani’s “What are you waiting for” is definitely not the easiest song to sing – unless you’ve got a doll’s house over your head – but if anyone can pull it off, Minnah can, and no doubt will… cos’ that’s what awesome megastars do……. and if a dude wearing a skirt can pull off a Madonna song, which was good btw, then there’s hope for us all :mrgreen:

There are no losers in an Idol Final anyway – with the exception of a few peeps that vanished into obscurity since the first show back in 2004 – and no doubt a lot of Sony contract wheelin’ & dealin’ has already gone on behind the scenes – but someone has to “win it”.

Ok… time for all the talking & BS to stop.

Let battle commence! [see the official Idol 2010 site for more info]


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The Grand Final, December 10th!

As expected, Minnah triumphed again in the live Gothenburg show tonight, booking her place in the December 10th Grand Final (with Jay) at the Stockholm Globe! It’s probably gonna go right down to the wire, but irrespective of everything, the best girl has already won Idol 2010!

Check out the official Idol 2010 website for all the latest news & build up to this Friday’s BIG final! Go MINNNAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!!! :mrgreen:

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